• December 2016 - Better Things Ahead
  • Rhema Chapel 29TH Annual Convention
  • Unlimited Growth
  • Worship With us at Rhema Chapel

Welcome to year 2016

Rev. George Adegboye
Rev. George Adegboye

Foolish people waste their time searching for greener pastures... Wise people cultivate their land and grow their own ever green pasture. One searches for ever and never finds the other becomes one person people seek out. Become the sought after.

The paths of least resistance and a life of convenience is 'safe' and comfortable, but won't grow or develop you. The easy path may not be the right way to grow in any area of life. The way to your promised land may be through the wilderness and deserts.

hq Nov 2016 events calender

  • 23rdwed

    4th Annual Rhema Chapel Games Competition
    23rd - 27th November