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Young Minister Training School (YMTS)

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Young Ministers Teaching School

From time immemorial, the phrase ‘Catch them young’ is one that has influenced how we develop on a daily basis. This explains why a child would start learning at an early age, however, in the body of Christ age is measured by the mind and maturity in faith. Thus it is imperative for a believer to get a solid grip on the word and purpose for his/her life. In line with this and a major tenet of the Ministry which is to develop, train and mentor the young minister, the Young Ministers’ Teaching School (YMTS) was created to help young people discover and build God’s Plan for their lives. YMTS has become a very important part of the ministry. Simply put, in the beginning was YMTS and YMTS was with the ministry and YMTS made the minister.

The Young Ministers’ Teaching School was inaugurated to mentor and guide persons in the practical aspects of the ministry and their stated area of calling. In summary, the school can be called a potter’s house where people are molded into jars of honor through the help of servants of God. It is a school that helps men discover and walk in the purpose of God for their lives, for everyone was created for a particular purpose and this purpose like individuals varies. Established in 1987, YMTS was founded by Rev. George Adegboye with a vision from God of reproducing people of like minds who would take the word into the world.

However, over the years the school has carved a niche for itself by producing reputable ministers of timber and caliber. The school has a legacy of being a training ground for men and women of God with spark and excellence, a school with continuing tradition of finesse. The informal school which is designed to groom persons for the work of the ministry and for life vision attainment has been modified to meet the needs of all men through the school’s six specialized departments; Prophetic and teaching, Pastoral care, World harvest, Travailers, Music and Information departments. The school holds her general meeting every Wednesday by 5.00pm at the International Convention Centre for All Nations (ICC) after Tipper Garage, Ilorin, Kwara State while departmental meetings take place during weekdays and weekends at the same venue.

The school has come a long way in 25years as it has become an indispensable tool in making reputable ministers and ambassadors of Christ and is poised more than ever to continue its primary assignment to help train and prepare those that have the call of God upon their lives for the ministry. At YMTS, there is an emphasis on the word and the door is open to all and sundry to grow and experience the supernatural touch of God for life and ministry.

Our Vision

The Young Ministers' Teaching School (YMTS) is the interdenominational, informal ministerial training arm of the Ever Increasing Word Ministries a.k.a Rhema Chapel International Churches. We believe every believer is shaped by God for a mission.

Discovering our individual calling and preparing to fulfill it is very vital to succeeding. Our mission is to help mold the man that makes the Ministry. Our special emphasis is on Excellence in Life and Ministry, which we are committed to help every young minister achieve. Our vision includes:

  • To make available an easy to access, free, life long training academy to those who are called and desire to fulfill it.
  • To make relevant, balanced, sound and upto-date biblical teachings available concerning the work of the ministry in all formats.
  • To provide the Young Ministers with the opportunity of fellowshipping with and developing life long relationships and fellowship with others of kindred spirit.
  • To provide a conducive atmosphere for the identifying, nurturing and development of Charisma and Character through theoretical and Practical orientation.
  • To provide an opportunity for the young ministers to be taught, trained, mentored and to minister along the areas of their callings from the onset.
  • To offer the Young minister a worldwide medium for ministerial exposure.
  • Finally, to furnish a forum for recruiting many into the labour force of the kingdom for the end time harvest.

In the Young Minters Teaching School, we have six (6) specialized departments/units where every student is given the practical opportunity of putting into use the knowledge that the theoretical teaching and training the school offers.The Departments of the School are as follows:


This department is dedicated to training students to Minister the Word of God. Its main thrust is to equip the young minister to deliver the Word not just homiletically but also by the inspiration of the Spirit. The department is committed to unveiling to the students the nature, manners and vital ingredients of the ministry of the New Testament Prophet and that of a Teacher.


Jesus taught His followers that he that desired to be great must become like a servant. God makes servants and it is the servants that lead. Leadership is serving. The emphasis of the curriculum of this department is to teach practical ways of serving in the Ministry of helps, assorted supportive congregational ministries and the Pastoral office.


One certain rewarding effort to every believer is that of winning souls. While all believers are expected to seek and save those who are lost, there are some who are called more definitely and directly to this task. Teaching and training in this department are tailored towards exposing and equipping students to adequate information, contemporary methods, skills and Biblical creative ways of soul winning in the 21st Century.


Although many Christians claim to pray, unfortunately, only few indeed have clear cut results to show for their effort along this direction. Few people pray and yet fewer people understand what prayer is about. Answers to prayer are not accidental but a product of asking aright. More than anything else, there is an urgent necessity to be taught to pray effectively. The school of prayer is one for all because of the necessity of prayer to our welfare and our work.


God desire is that we worship Him in spirit and in truth. An element of central value to local church events, Christian gatherings and deep communion with God is Music. This department over the years has excelled in helping several student in the area of voice training, song writing, worship leading and training of instrumentalist to serve the body of Christ at all levels.


This Gospel of the Kingdom must first be published in all the Nations as a witness and then the end shall come. The word of the Lord needs to be published and put on every available outreach media. The earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea. This is where students are trained to evolve and deploy creative effective long reaching means for disseminating God's word.

weekly activities

  • Every sun

    FOUNDATION & MEMBERSHIP CLASS holds every Sunday 8AM - 9AM. Venue: Mini ICC

  • EveryMon & Thur

    AEROBICS CLASSES holds every Mondays and Thursday 6:30PM at the Mini ICC

  • EverySat

    RHEMA SOCCER TEAM trains by 7:00Am at Kwara Hotel

  • Everyday

    If you wish to testify to the goodness of God in your life during the Thanksgiving service, please register your Testimony at the Chapel office any day of the week.

  • EveryService Days

    Free Health care services available in the church every service days

  • EveryWed

    Young Minister Teaching School (YMTS) holds every Wednesday 5:00PM - 7:30PM @ the Mini ICC.

  • EveryFri

    DELIVERANCE CLINIC holds every Friday at 10:00AM. VENUE:Counselling Room