Rhema Chapel: Home of the blessed People


Friday, 18th October 2019
2 Cor. 9:6-15
God loves a cheerful giver. [ 2 Cor. 9:7 ]

YThe motvaton to give should not be just because of a lack of use for the proposed gif but as an act of love. God is a giver. For God so loved the world that He gave His only begoten Son (Jn. 3:16) He gave Jesus to redeem the whole human race. God purposed to give His Son. He gave bountfully and willingly. He expects you to imitate Him (Eph. 5:1).

The size of a harvest shall correspond to the proporton, quality and spirit of the sowing. God loves generous giving; He knows what you have, what he has blessed you with. When Jesus observed people dropping their offering in the treasury, He said: this poor widow gave more than all those rich people. They gave only what they did not need. This woman is very poor, but she gave all she had; she gave all she had to live on (Mk. 12:43-44 NCV. God wants you to give sincerely, not reluctantly; to be spontaneous in giving, not as one under compulsion. Be a cheerful giver; give willingly and joyfully. Giving will earn you eternal rewards. Your gif to the poor or needy never goes unnotced by God. He who has pity on the poor lends to the Lord, and He will pay back what he has given (Pr. 19:17). Jesus said whatever you do to the least of the brethren; you do it to Him (Mt. 25:40).

A generous spirit towards others makes more people render thanksgiving to God. The gifs from the Corinthians met the pressing needs of the Jerusalem Christans and also made them overflow in thanksgiving to God. The Jerusalem Christans prayed for them in return. Let God touch your heart and make you a blessing to someone (Pr. 21:1). Make someone glad.

Prayer:Father, help me to be more generous, so that I may be able to give more willingly to Your work and be a blessing to others especially those who need my assistance. Let me always be a cheerful giver whom You love

Confession: God is good to me. He sends rain and good crops; He gives me food and a joyful heart. I share freely and I give generously to those in need. My good deeds will be remembered forever. I sow bountfully, I will also reap bountfully. I will be enriched in every way for my great generosity.