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Things may look different in your life at the moment, but we believe one word from God can change your life.

About Rhema Chapel

Rhema Chapel International Churches, led by Reverend George Adegboye, has many churches around the world with its headquarter at Ilorin, Nigeria.

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Rhema Chapel has over {} installations across the world. See if there's any around you.

Message from Our Pastor

Reverend George Adegboye

I believe that the most important thing a believer or group of believers can receive, is a Word from God. When God gives His word, He is giving us a clue and blueprint of what He is about to birth upon the earth on our behalf. Nothing gets me more excited than the Word of God for us as a ministry every year. Over the years I have seen the Lord keep and work His word out not just in my life but also in the lives and experiences of our members. He is the Lord that keeps His Word. When after seeking His face concerning this year, and He told me the year shall be the year of His Power – I was excited at the possibilities that are going to open to us. Permit me therefore to welcome you to the time when God will marvelously and gracefully display His power in your life and the life of your family.

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